About the Forum

Data science is an emerging discipline that will be instrumental in accelerating healthcare innovation and transforming the healthcare industry to improve the quality and cost of services provided to patients. Data science, broadly defined, includes the tools, techniques and theoretical underpinnings for enabling machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to be applied to large, diverse, complex, longitudinal, and distributed data sets in order to extract useful information and knowledge. Machine learning and AI have already led to significant successes in many health-related fields including medical image classification, segmentation, prediction and decision making. The field of data science promises to accelerate the applications and successes, specifically by enabling the scaling to “big” and heterogenous data.

To address the research and translational advances and challenges in healthcare focused data science, the  IEEE EMBS-Tel Aviv University (TAU) Forum on Data Science and Engineering in Healthcare, Biology and Medicine will be held on Oct 19-20, 2022, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The forum aims to highlight and discuss the challenges and opportunities of Data Science innovations in healthcare, medicine and biology, and how these innovations can be translated into cutting-edge healthcare and biomedical engineering curricula.

The forum will mainly focus on several challenges including,

  1. the semantic integration and harmonization of complex and heterogeneous biomedical data,
  2. the development of scalable Data Science and Engineering infrastructure
  3. the development of smart AI algorithms that integrate biological/physiological models  
  4. the need to build a more cohesive approach to deliver personalized medicine by integrating  data science and management with a biological understanding of the related disease.

We believe that the IEEE EMBS-TAU Forum will provide a unique platform for scientists, engineers and students to focus on translational data science and engineering research and healthcare innovations, as well as the need for a paradigm shift in engineering and science education and their impact on healthcare and economic growth.

Registration Information 

Registration is free and required to attend the IEEE EMBS Public Forum on Data Science.

Please note that the registration is limited.